Meet the Team


Carolyn Anderson, BSN, RN, REALTOR

Carolyn loves nursing AND she loves houses.  After spending the last 22 years helping patients, she has branched out and is now helping her fellow healthcare providers buy and sell their homes.  Healthcare providers work very hard giving of themselves to others.  It is so important to have that wonderful place to escape reenergize and get ready for another crazy day of patient care.  That's what we find for you!  Call us and make an appointment!!


Matthew Beals, MBA, NMT, Investor

Matt is also coming from the healthcare scene and moving on to real estate.  Matt is out everyday looking for the best Houston deals of the day.  Many of these deals can be passed on to our clients before they even hit the market.  For those that are interested in investing in real estate, Matt is your go to person to help find you investment deals.  


The rest of the team

We partner up with dozens of real estate professionals such as photographers, stagers, bank officers, and contractors.  These partners allow us to help you through your entire transaction of either buying or selling your home.